Path of Health


Starting from the changing room of the pool, after about 200 meters on a slight slope, the path has a pitch used for preheating.

The pitches 2, 3 and 4 are equipped with exercise equipment for small motor activities, and the last pitch at the pool is dedicated to the final gymnastic movements.

Inside the pool you can have a bath, and in the same area of the farm you can find drinking water of excellent quality of mineral origin to quench your thirst.

The path is surrounded by holm oaks and side hedges, immersed in a vineyard of several thousand plants. The air, enriched by the aforementioned vegetation, comes from the natural park of Mount Subasio with us bordering and therefore abundantly oxygenated.

The path and the swimming pool are a real healthy heritage for nature lovers.

We recommend this activity in the morning before leaving for cultural visits to the Umbrian cities or in the late afternoon before dinner.

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